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  • Earrings "Luminous" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Luminous" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Luminous | Earrings


    Luminous Luminous means bright and glowing. It is a geometric party of aqua matte, gold and purple mirror. A fairly light design that does not weigh down your ears at all. In case you are undecided in adding jewelry, choose this. With a comfortable t-shirt and shorts will be ok. Dimensions: 3,6×9,7 cm Weight: 7 gr

  • Earrings "Chemical Bond" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Chemical Bond" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Chemical Bond | Earrings


    Chemical Bond When chemistry met the art! A chemical bond is a lasting attraction between atoms, ions or molecules that enables the formation of chemical compounds. The bond may result from the electrostatic force of attraction between oppositely charged ions as in ionic bonds or through the sharing of electrons as in covalent bonds. Dimensions:…

  • Earrings "Rubus" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Rubus" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Rubus | Earrings


    Rubus Personally, I love the combination of pink and red! I do not think you disagree! The creation of this strict design is reflected in even more intense engravings! Combine it with suits or why not with a smart color blocking! Dimensions: 3,9×6,6 cm Weight: 9 gr

  • Earrings "Meander" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Meander" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Meander | Earrings


    Meander For the people of Ancient Greece, Meander (or Meandros) was thought to symbolize eternity and the undulating flow of human life through reproduction. The unbroken, interlocking pattern turned it into a symbol of both unity and infinity, whereupon it became one of the most important symbols in Ancient Greece. Inspired so, from the symbol of meander,…

  • Elegance | Earrings


    Elegance Elegance is the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner. We did it. This absolute equation and geometry of the triangles give the glow you need to a serious and demanding dinner. Choose satin or velvet dresses with high heels or even boots to comple your style. Dimensions: 4,1×8cm Weight: 10 gr

  • Earrings "Geometric Love" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Geometric Love" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Geometric Love | Earrings


    Geometric Love Geometric love is one of our first effort to create jewelry and as an ”old design” is one of our best sellers. The first effort was with this black surface and above it a light blue , purple and yellow mirror. Its success is due to its ability to be worn with every…

  • Earrings "Splash" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Splash" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Splash | Earrings


    Splash Making the sound of the explosion, take off your syle by choosing this piece. Geometric clasp and then an explosive shape. Choose mirror colors for a more striking result. Dimensions: 6,8×7,7 cm Weight: 13 gr See colors below:

  • Earrings "A Girl In Front Of Mirror" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "A Girl In Front Of Mirror" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    A Girl In Front Of Mirror | Earrings


    A girl in Front of mirror If we assume that the triangle with the golder mirror color is the girl we all hide inside us, then surely, the reflection is more intense, with more confidence and more color, in this case we preffered the sandy purple.  You have the ability to change colors, but you…

  • Earrings "Skyline" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Skyline" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Skyline | Earrings


    Skyline Sky is the limit! Two triangles with colorful vibes come to complete your funky outfit. A sequence of colors reminiscent of a rainbow. Dimensions: 4,5×6,4 cm Weight: 7 gr

  • Division | Earrings


    Division A geometric game within a strict triangle. Silver, green, aqua, purple and yellow mirror details,  create a beautiful virtual element of colors. Perfect an overall image of yourself by wearing this masterpiece for luxurious and sophisticated events. Dimensions: 4,9×6,7 cm Weight: 9 gr

  • Earrings "Orange" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Orange | Earrings


    Orange A funky and at the same time abstract concept of our favorite fruit, the orange! Ideal for the season when the weather gets better and the spring comes! A lage circle of bright orange color with a layer of pink , yellow and light blue mirror lines on it. The orange trees are usually…

  • Earrings "Mermaid" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Mermaid" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Mermaid | Earrings


    Mermaid Mermaid’s world. Will you come in? A design which is full of engraved shapes. A complexity of triangles, square and a oval too. In folklore, a mermaid is an aquatic creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish. Mermaids appear in the folklore of many cultures…