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Rubik's Cube

The perfect imprint of a 3D design for the Rubik's Cube. The Rubik's Cube is a 3-D combination puzzle invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik. Originally called the Magic Cube. Solving Rubik's cube requires memorizing many algorithms while twisting and turning the layers in under a few seconds. Speed solvers, in fact, can cross three moves per second! Such solvers have sharper reflexes and incredible eye-hand coordination. Capticate them by wearings these earrings! 


Handmade plexiglass earrings

Hypoallergenic stainless steel stud (nikel free)

Dimensions: 4,4x4,8 cm

Weight: 12 gr 


The use of alcohol is prohibited, such as ethanol, perfume, baby wipes etc.

Clean them with a cloth!



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