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  • Earrings "Heart Mini" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Heart Mini" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Hearts | Earrings


    Hearts One of the most discussed designs. We pioneered at this design and it is still a best seller. The mini hearts, where the possibility of color change is given, are suitable for safe style choices as they serve morning situations either at your work or at school, as well as evening outfits. Don’t forget…

  • Earrings "Zeus"  - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Zeus"  - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Zeus | Earrings


    Zeus If you know us from a thing, this is it. The number one of best seller and the most original design of a thunder. Full of plethora color choices, such as mirrors, matte and others, zeus is an all time classic piece of earrings. Ideal either with a street style outfits with hoodies, sneakers…

  • Thunderbolt | Earrings


    Thunderbolt For the lovers of mini collection, we created these mini earrings with a thunder vibes. This rapid expansion and contraction creates the sound wave that we hear as thunder. Ideal design for a street style outfit and one of our best seller. Choose colors such as mirrors or why not yellow fluo. See similar designs: Zeus Earrings &…

  • Earrings "Memphis See-Through" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Memphis See-Through" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Memphis See-Through | Earrings


    Memphis See-Through A trilogy of earrings inspired by Memphis design. Simple geometric shapes; flat colours combined in bold, contrasting palettes; stylised graphic patterns defined by black-and-white stripes and abstract squiggles – these are the ingredients of Memphis-inspired design, fuelled by influences from earlier movements such as Pop Art and Art Deco. Memphis See-Through has as a base…

  • Sale! Earrings "Watermelon" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Watermelon | Earrings


    Watermelon If you can’t find the summer, you can always create it. Funky and cute watermelons for you ears, made by green and pink mirror and black holes as cores. Ideal for white and pink skirts and sandals. See other summer designs such as: Bananas Earrings and Cherry Earrings. Dimensions: 4,5×4,6 cm Weight: 5 gr

  • Earrings "Chemical Bond" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Chemical Bond" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Chemical Bond | Earrings


    Chemical Bond When chemistry met the art! A chemical bond is a lasting attraction between atoms, ions or molecules that enables the formation of chemical compounds. The bond may result from the electrostatic force of attraction between oppositely charged ions as in ionic bonds or through the sharing of electrons as in covalent bonds. Dimensions:…

  • Earrings "Cassette" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Cassette" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Cassette | Earrings


    Cassette The most vintage figure! The cassette of the 80s is the best version of these nostalgic season. Over the cassette’s lifespan from 1963 to 1988, more thann 3 billion tapes were sold. The cassete tape is largely repsonsible for the live bootleg boom in the 80s!  80’s lovers, let us unite! Dimensions: 3,4×7,9 cm Weight:…

  • Earrings "Pacman" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Pacman" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Pacman | Earrings


    Pacman A funky design dedicated to Pacman Game! The aim of Pac-Man is to survive many levels of puzzles whilst not being eaten by ghosts. The Guinness World Records acknowledged the game as the “Most Successful Coin-Operated Game” in the world. See also: Ghost Earrings Dimensions: 5,1 cm Weight: 3 gr See colors below:

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    Ghost | Earrings


    Ghost These little cuties belong to our mini collection. They suggested also for kids. Ghost design is not heavy at all and it can me worn for a daily walk till night-out. Dimensions: 2,9×4,7 cm Weight: 4 gr See colors below:

  • Earrings "Comic Town" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Comic Town" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Comic Town | Earrings


    Comic Town Comic Town is the most popular design of our collection. The world’s interest is more intense for this design than any other, including Zeus. Comic town constists of a base which have upon three triangles from a different size, which follow one another. Hope you will enjoy it. Dimensions: 3,8×8,5 cm Weight: 9 gr See…

  • Waca-Waca | Earrings


    Waca-Waca Inspired by the favorite game of our childhood Pac-Man, two funky figures in different colors of your choice, suitable to perfect your street style and an everyday outfit. Dimensions: 3,3×4,7 cm Weight: 4 gr See colors below:

  • Earrings "Lips" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Lips" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Lips | Earrings


    Lips The coveted lips are one of the most funky designs! A favorite of all queens, Lips are hung from a circular clasp and are followed by lips where the teeth are visible. Choose to combine it with a more comfortable dress code or why not with an alternative dress. Dimensions: 6×6,8 cm Weight: 12 gr…

  • Earrings "Geometric Love" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Geometric Love" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Geometric Love | Earrings


    Geometric Love Geometric love is one of our first effort to create jewelry and as an ”old design” is one of our best sellers. The first effort was with this black surface and above it a light blue , purple and yellow mirror. Its success is due to its ability to be worn with every…

  • Earrings "Flamazing" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Flamazing" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Flamazing | Earrings


    Flamazing Flamingos are famous for their bright pink feathers, stilt-like legs, and S-shaped neck. We tried to capture these wonderful birds into a big pink mirror hoops. The most special fact we know from flamingo is to stand tall and be fabulous!  Dimensions: 8×10,2 cm Weight: 10 gr

  • Sale! Earrings "Cherry" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Cherry" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Cherry | Earrings


    Cherry Our little cute cherries, created by green mirror and red glitter! Cherry belongs to our funky designs and it is recommended for everyday outfits, especially in summer! Yummy! Dimensions: 4,1×5,3 cm Weight: 7 gr

  • Tiger’s Hoops | Earrings


    Tiger’s Hoops A flawless design of a tiger made by gold mirror that you will find in the tiger collection. Specifically: Tiger Triangle, Tiger’s Eyes and of course Tiger’s Necklace. In this design, the tiger’s head is the clasp and hoops are following. Suitable jewelry for elegant appearances that will catch the eye! Tigers are some of the most amazing…

  • Broken Heart | Earrings


    Broken heart Love is made more valuable by the risk of heartbreak. This design looks fragile (holographic color) but if you notice better, you can’t unwatch the bold black outline. Time passes and heart becomes stronger! Dimensions: 6,7×6 cm Weight: 8 gr See colors below:

  • Earrings "Asteroid" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Asteroid" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Asteroid | Earrings


    Asteroid In our imagination, star has certainly been established to have this form. If looks like this, it is more affordable and less dangerous. Dangerous because we’re all afraid of hitting us. An estimated 25 million meteoroids, micrometeoroids and other space debris enter Earth’s atmosphere each day, which results in an estimated 15,000 tonnes of that material…

  • Sale! Earrings "Mini Ice-Cream" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Mini Ice-Cream" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Mini Ice-Cream | Earrings


    Mini Ice-Cream Small daily dose of ice cream for everyone! Suitable even for children. But is there anyone who says no? Alternative colors combinations: purple mirror cream and silver mirror cone. See also: Gelato and Geometric Ice Cream. Dimensions: 2,5×5,5 cm Weight: 3 gr See colors below:

  • Earrings "Lipstick & High Heels" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Lipstick & High Heels" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Lipstick & High Heels | Earrings


    Lipstick & High Heels A masterpiece dedicated to a woman’s favorite objects. Heels and lipsticks. As a clasp we chose small squares of black matte and red dark mirror. The Lipstick and High Heels consist of red and silver mirror as well as matte black to make them a more realistic approach. Over 55% of…

  • Earrings "Lighting Bolt" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Lighting Bolt" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Lighting Bolt | Earrings


    Lighting Bolt A design inspired by this unique symbol. The bolt of lightning is a traditional symbol of sudden illumination and the destruction of ignorance. It also represents a punishment of humans by the gods from the skies, most commonly attributed to Zeus, king of the gods. The special thing is that the choice of colors…

  • Earrings "Leopard Planets" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Leopard Planets | Earrings


    Leoapard Planets Planets because of their shapes: circles. An elegant jewelry of incredible leopard animal prints. Classy, funky and geometric too. See also: Leopard Hoops. Dimensions: 5,5 cm Weight: 13 gr See colors below:

  • Earrings "Vinyl" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Vinyl" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Vinyl | Earrings


    Vinyl Colorful lateral-cut flat discs to be played on the gramophone, similar in use and appearance to the vinyl records we know today. Engraved design and in the center we notice the Funk You quote. Ideal design for street style outfits with hoodies and sneakers. Dimensions: 4,8 cm Weight: 4 gr See colors below:

  • Earrings "Thunder" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Thunder" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Thunder | Earrings


    Thunder This rapid expansion and contraction creates the sound wave that we hear as thunder. An approach of a thunder with two parts of plexiglass, Ideal design for a street style outfit and one of our best seller. We suggest colors combinations such as black matte background – pink mirror frontstide, light blue mirror background – pink frontside. See…