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  • Earrings "Heart Mini" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Heart Mini" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Hearts | Earrings


    Hearts One of the most discussed designs. We pioneered at this design and it is still a best seller. The mini hearts, where the possibility of color change is given, are suitable for safe style choices as they serve morning situations either at your work or at school, as well as evening outfits. Don’t forget…

  • Earrings "Zeus"  - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Zeus"  - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Zeus | Earrings


    Zeus If you know us from a thing, this is it. The number one of best seller and the most original design of a thunder. Full of plethora color choices, such as mirrors, matte and others, zeus is an all time classic piece of earrings. Ideal either with a street style outfits with hoodies, sneakers…

  • Thunderbolt | Earrings


    Thunderbolt For the lovers of mini collection, we created these mini earrings with a thunder vibes. This rapid expansion and contraction creates the sound wave that we hear as thunder. Ideal design for a street style outfit and one of our best seller. Choose colors such as mirrors or why not yellow fluo. See similar designs: Zeus Earrings &…

  • Kisses | Earrings


    Kisses Sweet and beautiful mini kisses for lovers. Choose your own color and wear these subtle yet eccentric plexiglass earrings for an everyday casual outfit. Dimensions: 4,9×3 cm Weight: 2 gr

  • Earrings "Game Boy" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Game Girl | Earrings


    Game Girl Hello 90’s lovers and others! Here is the most funky capture of this smart invention! As a clasp, we chose two lovely hearts with pink matte and purple mirror. Other parts are obvious! Life is a game, life is a game that one plays according to the rules. So, break the rules and don’t…

  • Earrings "Cassette" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Cassette" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Cassette | Earrings


    Cassette The most vintage figure! The cassette of the 80s is the best version of these nostalgic season. Over the cassette’s lifespan from 1963 to 1988, more thann 3 billion tapes were sold. The cassete tape is largely repsonsible for the live bootleg boom in the 80s!  80’s lovers, let us unite! Dimensions: 3,4×7,9 cm Weight:…

  • Earrings "Flash" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Flash" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Flash | Earrings


    Flash  Shine like a flash,  in a bright but brief, sudden, or intermittent way. The great thing about this piece of jewelry is that the clasp is located in the middle of the earring which allows it to pierce and decorate the entire length of your ear. Dimensions: 1,8×9 cm Weight: 3 gr See colors below:

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    Adventure | Earrings


    Adventure Come with us for another funky adventure and travel to space! The spaceship displays the neon color and pulls you along with it. Enough funky design and mini for everyday situations for walks in comfortable and casual clothes. See also: Ufo and Alien. Dimensions: 3,3×4,1 cm Weight: 4 gr

  • Earrings "Television" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Television" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Television | Earrings


    Television We love when vintage machines are combined with art. The result is always unbelievable! In this time, we created a more realistic approach of television with a gold mirror clasp and these colorful lines. See also: Big Tv and Mini TV. Dimensions: 5×6,5cm Weight: 9 gr

  • Heart On Fire | Earrings


    Heart On Fire If your heart is on fire and it comes out, you can broadcast it with this choice of jewelry! Two different options based on pink or silver colors. Suitable for street style outfits from morning to evening. Dimensions: 3,1×5,4 cm Weight: 9 gr

  • Earrings "Roller Skates" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Roller Skates | Earrings


    Roller Skates Do you want them to see you rolling and hating? Here is your opportunity! Roller skate is an absolutely funky design with our lovely and happy colors of pink and silver mirror! As a clasp, we chose a heart of silver mirror too. Ideal for walks and everyday outfits! Dimensions: 4,3×6,8 cm Weight: 6 gr

  • Ghost | Earrings


    Ghost These little cuties belong to our mini collection. They suggested also for kids. Ghost design is not heavy at all and it can me worn for a daily walk till night-out. Dimensions: 2,9×4,7 cm Weight: 4 gr See colors below: