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A delicate design dedicated to the hummingbird. At the base we see a triangle and on its sits carefree and with absolute liveliness the hummingbird with engravings, so that it refers to the absolute geometric perfection. Hummingbirds got the moves. No other birds can fly like them. They can fly forward, backward, and even upside down! Hummingbirds are also the only vertebrae capable of hovering for a period of time during flight! Common combinations also used are the wooden triangle and the green mirror in the hummingbird.


Handmade plexiglass earrings

Hypoallergenic stainless steel stud (nikel free)

Dimensions: 8x9,2 cm

Weight: 11 gr 


The use of alcohol is prohibited, such as ethanol, perfume, baby wipes etc.

Clean them with a cloth!


See colors below: