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    Adventure | Earrings

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    Adventure Come with us for another funky adventure and travel to space! The spaceship displays the neon color and pulls you along with it. Enough funky design and mini for everyday situations for walks in comfortable and casual clothes. See also: Ufo and Alien. Dimensions: 3,3×4,1 cm Weight: 4 gr

  • Cat & Ghost | Earrings


    Cat & Ghost One of the most beloved Halloween designs of a cat and its partner, which is  an artistic invisible ghost of a kitten as well. Ideal for a street-style outfit too. Dimensions: 3,2×4,5 cm Weight: 3 gr

  • Muerto | Earrings


    Muerto The Day of the Dead is a Central American holiday celebrating the transitory return to Earth of deceased relatives and loved ones. Inspired by this creepy idea of muertos was approached in this drawing of a skull where we see colorful flowers on the head and special pink hearts in the eyes. Choose to…

  • Black Cat | Earrings


    Black Cat This Halloween you can choose this sitting cat accompanied by hoops and details of a yellow and blue mirror plexiglass star, and silver mirror moon too. Obviously it is also worn all time of the year with street-style outfit. Hoops Dimensions: 1,6 cm Dimensions: 1,8×3,8 cm Weight: 2 gr

  • Pumpkin Hoops | Earrings


    Pumpkin Hoops A very Halloween jewelry inspired by the most characteristic element of this celebration, the pumpkin. Orange mirror, bronze mirror and the green mirror detail is absolutely suitable to take off your costume this year! Combined with hoops. Hoops Dimensions: 1,6 cm Dimensions: 3,2×3,5 cm Weight: 4 gr

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    Alien | Earrings

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    Alien Oh come on! You have envisioned how life outside the earth is! You have imagined hanging out with aliens(!) And for the more skeptical, you have surely wondered if they have this form. If we assume that an extraterrestrial look like this, then it would be fun to wear them! Dimensions: 2,2×2,7 cm Weight: 3…

  • Magic Mushroom | Earrings


    Magic Mushroom Around 200 species of mushrooms can be classified as magical meaning having common ingredient psilocybin, which is responsible for its mind-altering effects. With brand new color additions in gold, pink and beige, a design inspired by an impressive mushroom. Combine it with pink dresses or funky pants. Dimensions: 3,1×5,4 cm Weight: 9 gr  

  • Earrings "Skull" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Skull" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Skull | Earrings


    Skull We have a diversity of jewelry and that is approved by this design! We want to address at gothic and rock souls too! A skull, which although it is widely known causing terror, we believe, on the contrary, is extremely captivating and can take off your style whether it is total black even with…

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    Bat | Earrings

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    Bat In China and Japan, bats are symbols of happiness. Most bats are brown and black, but a few are colorful shades of orange or red.  Artistic approach to a funky version of the bat, suitable for Halloween and not only outfits. Dimensions: 5,1×3,6 cm Weight: 4 gr

  • Trick Or Treat | Earrings


    Trick Or Treat Impress everyone this Halloween and enrich your costume with this inspired design of beautiful orange pumpkins. Dimensions: 3,2×3,4 cm Weight: 3 gr

  • Evil Cat | Earrings


    Evil Cat Funky and elegant at the same time, the depiction of a cat that may not be in such a happy mood. If you are in a imposing mood and full of self-confidence, choose it. Designed with silver mirror and engravings, as well as other colors such as red, pink and gray. Ideal for…

  • Bones | Hairclips


    Bones Funky design of bones in any color you want. Combine this hairclip with a morning outfit and make the difference. Dimensions: 2,4×5 cm Weight: 3 gr

  • Witch | Earrings


    Witch In our imagination, we prefer witches to be good and to use their gift for a good purpose. For this reason, this artistic approach of our witch is smiling, wearing a black hat and has bright gold hair. Ready to enrich your Halloween costume this year. Dimensions: 2,9×3,2 cm Weight: 3 gr

  • Pumpkin | Hairclips


    Pumpkin A different kind of this pumpkin, inspired by Halloween Celebration. Hairclip colored with orange and gold mirror plexiglass pieces and green mirror leaf. Dimensions: 3,3×3,5 cm Weight: 3 gr

  • Magic Hat | Earrings


    Magic Hat Complete your Halloween costume with these beautiful festive witch hats. Accompanied by hoops and colorful touches of stars and moons. Dimensions Hoop: 1,6 cm Dimensions: 4,9×5,1 cm Weight: 6 gr

  • Bones | Earrings


    Bones Cute little bones in any color you want for a funky and eccentric mood. Suitable for a street-style outfit. Dimensions: 1,4×2,8 cm Weight: 2 gr

  • Witch & Magic Broom | Earrings


    Witch & Magic Boom Enrich even more your Halloween costume by prefering a witch and her magic boom too. Artistic approaches of these cute pieces, designed with dark black and red touches. Witch’s Dimensions: 2,9×3,2 cm Broom’s Dimensions: 1,1×4 cm Witch’s Weight: 3 gr Broom’s Weight: 2 gr

  • Spider | Earrings


    Sprider Another design inspired and suitable for the Halloween celebration. Our funky black spider with its big and impressive eyes, accompanied by hoops, so you can choose to wear them off-season with a daily street style outfit. Hoop Dimensions: 2 cm Dimensions: 4,6×2,8 cm Weight: 2 gr

  • Pumpkin | Earrings


    Pumpkin A very Halloween jewelry inspired by the most characteristic element of this celebration, the pumpkin. Orange mirror, bronze mirror and the green mirror detail is absolutely suitable to take off your costume this year! Dimensions: 3,2×3,5 cm Weight: 4 gr

  • Magic Broom | Earrings


    Magic Broom What would a little witch be without her magic broom? This Halloween offers you impressive designs inspired by the creepiest vibe. Funky design that can be worn in other everyday situations with a simple outfit. Hoops Dimensions: 1,6 cm Dimensions: 1,1×4 cm Weight: 2 gr

  • Halloween Pumpkin | Hairclips


    Halloween Pumpkin There’s nothing that signifies Fall, more than colored leaves and this bright orange pumpkin for your hair. Make them notices you by wearing this masterpiece. Dimensions: 3,1×3,4 cm Weight: 3 gr

  • Booh! | Earrings


    Booh! Ghosts may be the most basic figure of Halloween costumes. Two mini, cute and beautiful ghosts with Swarovski diamonds in their eyes, cannot be missing from your costume. Choose the right color to take off your outfit and impress everyone this Halloween. Swarovski details. Dimensions: 6,3×5,8 cm Weight: 10 gr See colors below:

  • Black Cat | Hairclips


    Black Cat Decorate your hair with a simple funky hairlclip. Black minimal and elegant cat with gold mirror eyes by plexiglass. Combine it with a morning outfit with pants and jean jacket. Dimensions: 3,6×5,1 cm Weight: 3 gr