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Make A Wish

It is probably time to make a wish. We did it, as the stars fell and created this piece of jewelry. A set of stars is the main reason you should decorate your ears. When you wish upon a shooting star in New Horizons, you can actually make sure that those meteors land on your island. The next morning, you will see many Star Fragments scattered on the shore. The amount of these fragments depends on the number of shooting stars that you had wished upon. A popular belief is that wishing on a falling star, makes the wish come true. As witnessing a meteor is a rare event and many other rare events too are associated with good luck, it has probably given birth to this superstition.


Handmade plexiglass earrings

Hypoallergenic stainless steel stud (nikel free)

Dimensions: 5,7x7,1 cm

Weight: 5 gr 


The use of alcohol is prohibited, such as ethanol, perfume, baby wipes etc.

Clean them with a cloth!



See colors below: