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  • Earrings "Watermelon" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Watermelon | Earrings


    Watermelon If you can’t find the summer, you can always create it. Funky and cute watermelons for you ears, made by green and pink mirror and black holes as cores. Ideal for white and pink skirts and sandals. See other summer designs such as: Bananas Earrings and Cherry Earrings. Dimensions: 4,5×4,6 cm Weight: 5 gr

  • Earrings "Cherry" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Cherry" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Cherry | Earrings


    Cherry Our little cute cherries, created by green mirror and red glitter! Cherry belongs to our funky designs and it is recommended for everyday outfits, especially in summer! Yummy! Dimensions: 4,1×5,3 cm Weight: 7 gr

  • Dove | Earrings


    Dove The cool thing about doves is that they live all over the world, with the exception of Antarctica. They are pretty hardy birds and can live in desert areas, tropical forests, mountains, and woodlands. This design is obviously a tribute to this enchanting bird. The light blue, aqua, red dark, gold mirror and transparent…

  • Earrings "Passion Fruit" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Passion Fruit" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Passion Fruit | Earrings


    Passion Fruit The most funky illustration of passion fruit. A design which is ideal for spring season. Passiflora edulis, commonly known as passion fruit, is a vine species of passion flower native to southern Brazil through Paraguay and northern Argentina. Because of its unique, intense, aromatic flavor characteristics, passion fruit is a “natural” ingredient for juice blends. Purple,…

  • Earrings "Mini Ice-Cream" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Mini Ice-Cream" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Mini Ice-Cream | Earrings


    Mini Ice-Cream Small daily dose of ice cream for everyone! Suitable even for children. But is there anyone who says no? Alternative colors combinations: purple mirror cream and silver mirror cone. See also: Gelato and Geometric Ice Cream. Dimensions: 2,5×5,5 cm Weight: 3 gr See colors below:

  • Earrings "Malibu" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Malibu" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Malibu | Earrings


    Malibu A design dedicated to Malibu. Malibu is a beach city in the Santa Monica Mountains region of Los Angeles County, California. We decided to make a design with a triangle surface which upon it are located palm trees. As a clasp, we chose a circle shapes. Malibu is a beautiful city famous for its beaches, natural hiking trails…

  • Earrings "Popinjay" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Popinjay" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Popinjay | Earrings


    Popinjay From our Spring-Summer collection of 2019, popinjay was our first dropping. Thanks to you, is one of our best seller, such it is a special and beautiful piece of jewelry. Popinjay is sitting and look to you like you are a goddess. Glammour colors such as green, red and other have selected to decorate…

  • Earrings "Tucan" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Tucan" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Tucan | Earrings


    Tucan  Tucan earrings are funky and can be worn in summer with long dresses but in winter too, with black & white suits! An orange and light blue flowers as a clasp and colors such as yellow, aqua and black / white matte complete this bird! Tucan also is decorated with swarovski diamonds in its…

  • Earrings "Seahorse" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Seahorse" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Seahorse | Earrings


    Seahorse In our summer collection, we added these beatiful seahorses by light blue mirror. They swim upright and avoid predators by mimicking the colour of underwater plants. Combine it with Seahorse Choker. Dimensions: 2,5×5,4 cm Weight: 3 gr See colors below:

  • Earrings "Sea Ya Soon" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Sea Ya Soon" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Sea Ya Soon | Earrings


    Sea Ya Soon We definitely gonna meet in the seas! Beautifuly engraved shells for your summer outfits! Wear your sandals and your airy dresses and you’re ready for your walks in greek islands and elsewhere! You can change the color, choose gold mirror or light blue! See also: Seashell Hoops and Seashel Choker. Dimensions: 4,3×3,5 cm…

  • Earrings "Bananas" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Bananas | Earrings


    Bananas Eating bananas is a natural cure to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety. Think about effects if you’re wearing them! Our lovely yellow mirror comes to create this masterpiece of funky earrings! Smile like banana! Dimensions: 3,2×6,1 cm Weight: 4 gr

  • Earrings "Strawberry" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Strawberry" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Strawberry | Earrings


    Strawberry Red and delicious! What it is? Our first attempt to approach the strawberry in a jewelry! If you like them see also: Strawberry Hoops and of course don’t forget to combine it with the same neckalce: Strawberry Necklace! Dimensions: 3,3×4,8 cm Weight: 5 gr

  • Earrings "Cocopearl" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Cocopearl | Earrings


    Cocopearl An incredible design with a lot of materials. Green mirror plexiglass, which has engravings for being more realistic, depict coconut leaves. The trunk is made of freshwater pearls, gold plated and stainless steel parts. Suitable for summer expeditions to an island! Freshwater pearls Gold plated and stainless steel parts Dimensions: 5,2×6,9 cm Weight: 8 gr

  • Bananas Cream | Earrings


    Bananas Cream Summer arrives and childhood memories and recollections begin to awakes! We all run to buy our favorite ice cream and we are always in a dilemma if we choose the banana face or the feet ice cream! Choose these gorgeous jewelry to keep the child alive inside you! Decorated with orange and yellow…

  • Earrings "Seaweed" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Seaweed" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Seaweed | Earrings


    Seaweed One more summer design in our collection. This time a colorful one with yellow, purple, light blue and orange mirrors. Ideal for airy dresses and sandals! Be ready for walks in beaches and summer nights! Dimensions: 4,6×4,1 cm Weight: 8 gr

  • Earrings "Pineapple" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Pineapple" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Pineapple | Earrings


    Pineapple  Oh! Everyone’s favorite and extremely summer fruit, the pineapple! I doubt if there is anyone who after a swim in the sea does not want to taste this wonderful fruit! Suitable earrings for lying in then sun and walks from morning to nights! See also other version of it: Pineapple Express Earrings. Dimensions: 3,1×4,9 cm…

  • Earrings "Hawaii" - FUNK DA QUEENEarrings "Hawaii" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Hawaii | Earrings


    Hawaii It’s easy to understand how Hawaii earned a reputation as a dream vacation spot. Exotic beaches, fancy clothes and the nature at its best. The design is a tribute to this dream of all of us to be at some point on this wonderful island. Hawaii earring is essentially a flower with its branch….

  • Toluca | Earrings


    Toluca Colorful with light pastel shades airplane hanging from hoops.  Avoid the simple hoop and prefer this design for a more sophisticated and stylish earring. Hoop dimensions: 4cm Dimensions: 4,5×3,8 cm Weight: 9 gr

  • Cocktail | Earrings


    Cocktail A funky design of a cocktail colored with gold, silver, pink and light blue mirror and carved with engravings plexiglass. Ready to drink it and fulfill your summer night-outs. Dimensions: 3,5×3,2 cm Weight: 6 gr

  • Earrings "Fuska" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Fuska | Earrings


    Fuska The dusky sleeper or brown spinecheek gudgeon (Eleotris fusca) is a species of fish in the family Eleotridae found in many Indo-West Pacific regions. Is recommended for funky and street style outfits. Playful colors, suitable for morning walks. Dimensions: 5,4×3,5 cm Weight: 3 gr Hoops Dimension: 2 cm

  • Earrings "Cactus" - FUNK DA QUEEN

    Cactus | Earrings


    Cactus A hanging cactus! The cactus is a type of plant called a succulent. This means that it can store water in its stems, roots, and leaves. Even if it doesn’t rain for a long time, the cactus still has water saved up to help it grow. Thanks to its ability to store water, the cactus can…

  • Boat | Earrings


    Boat This summer don’t just go on a cruise, but choose to wear a boat as well. Decorated with a mini heart and various impressive and cute summer colors such as purple, yellow, green, aqua and others, this boat is so funky that it convinces you to wear it as jewelry. Dimensions: 3,7×3,8 cm Weight: 4 gr…

  • Baby Shark | Earrings


    Baby Shark What makes sharks different from fish is that their skeletons are made of cartilage instead of bone. Impressive sharks in different colors, ideal for summer and sea mood. Suggested colors in blue or purple. Dimensions: 4,1×3,9 cm Weight: 3 gr See colors below:

  • Flipper | Σκουλαρίκια


    Flipper Friendly, fun-loving, and among the most intelligent beings on the planet. Wear the sea on you with this impressive ornament. An hieroglyphic clasp adorned with a blue flower with diamonds following a well-designed dolphin with colors inspired by the ocean floor. Combine it with dresses in summer nights. Dimensions: 4,2×9,7 cm Weight: 11 gr