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Zebra Stick

Zebra's animal prints are always a good idea once they consisting of black and white details. This stick have a square as a clasp and the same color in its bottom. Alternative color: yellow fluo. We suggest to wear it with long dresses or skirts. Ideal choice for a simple jean and T-shirt too. If you are a lover of zebra's animal prints, see also: Funky Zebra, Pride, Horseshoe Zebra and combine your earrings with Pride Necklace to shine more. 


Handmade plexiglass earrings

Hypoallergenic stainless steel stud (nikel free)

Dimensions: 2,2x11,4 cm

Weight: 12 gr 


The use of alcohol is prohibited, such as ethanol, perfume, baby wipes etc.

Clean them with a cloth


See colors below: