In the fall of 2017, Persa and Dimitris decided to share their ideas with fashion lovers. Their primary goal was to convey their own artistic perception of the small details of a daily dressing through the creation of jewelry. The plexiglass material came to bridge this idea in practice.

The first creations of our designers were 10 handmade geometric pieces, all of which were photographed inside a room and with a simple camera. It was a great surprise to all of us to respond immediately to the plans taken at the time of risk.

A key source of inspiration is the addiction of designers for art history and the culture of the 1980s as well as for its harmonization with the modern trends of the 21st century. Funky colors, geometric patterns and an unrestrained love for the unlimited everyday stylistic choice form is the basis of the Funk Da Queen brand.

Over the years, there has been a keen interest from people, who choose to wear the company's products without any time constraints, any time of the day! Only in 2 years our company embraced and had been accepted by its customers through a strong relationship of trust and frequent communication with the customer service. In our business you will find jewelry that can be combined with all kinds of style. From the most casual morning to the most formal evening outfit.

Our company works with reputable stores all over the world, making it easier and faster to get in touch with our jewelry! Taking part in a number of noteworthy events & exhibitions, Funk Da Queen offers instant acquaintance with our Queens and Kings!

As long as there is endless and indescribable love for the world that thinks fashion is capable of making your day, Funk Da Queen will look to and find ways to make that world happy. By breaking down stereotypes and basic classic combinations, the Funk Da Queen brings back the need for disorder! After all, our main rule is the absence of rules.